"Jambo" page 2

Leslie's safari animals.

"Jambo" is the Swahili word for "hello."
This chimp lives among a community of chimps in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. He and I looked at each other for quite some time; he seemed pleased that I was taking his picture.

These chimps have been rescued and brought to this place by Jane Goodall. A Kenyan would say that this chimp is "Bahati" which means "lucky" in Swahili, because he had been rescued by such a famous friend of African chimps.
A Kikuyu woman is doing a traditional
painting on my face. This village is very near
the grounds of the Outspan where I stayed while I
was in Kenya.
I saw two herds of elephants. One little baby was being watched very closely by the Matriarch; the baby was so small it could stand up under the Matriarch's belly. The baby decided to wander off by itself, this did not make the Matriarch happy, she went running after the baby, herded her back to the herd with her trunk, scolding all the way. It was fun watching the baby elephants play with each other, just like children wrestling, poking at each other, splashing each other..
Where ever there was a pond or a watering hole, there were Great Crowned cranes. There were always two. Sometimes they would just step off to the side when a giraffe came to drink water, or jump onto a tuft of grass when the elephants were drinking. I never saw them run away when the other animals came to drink..
White-bellied Go-away bird.

The job of the Go-Away bird is to warn animals when there is a lion near-by. This Go-Away bird was much too busy eating the berries and blossoms on this tree, just outside my tent, to be bothered with anything else. I wonder if that is why the male lion and two females felt free to come to the water hole and roar in the middle of the night!

This Crowned Hornbill sat on this fence every morning and watched me eat my breakfast. He didn't pay any attention to the zebras, giraffes and warthogs at the water hole having their breakfast drink of water; he was more interested in my eggs.

We call the language of Kenya, Swahili, but it is actually, Kiswahili.


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