May is Albert’s Birthday!

Albert says Thank you
The book Albert’s Birthday

It’s Been a Busy Year!

Albert certainly enjoyed the surprise party which Patsy gave him. You can read about it in his book Albert's Birthday. This year he has already received his invitation for a party. It will be held at the yearly Fossil Hunt field trip. Samantha's mom is baking the cupcakes which will be served after everyone has eaten the lunch they will bring. It will be difficult to keep the ice cream cold enough so it won't melt, but I'm sure they will manage. Hopefully everyone will have found a fossil by the time of the party and the best one will be given to Albert. He has saved a special pocket in his apron for it.

During the past year Albert has gone with Leslie on her school visits, and when not on the road, he has helped Mr. Sterling, the principal, keep things running smoothly at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. He is happy that Little Red Hen and Patsy are now in the spotlight. They both have had books written about them by Leslie, and that has brought a lot of attention to Pleasant Valley and the school.

School is almost over for this year. Albert hopes that you enjoyed your school year and have learned many interesting things. Have a Happy Summer.