Exhibit A - The Missing Pumpkins:

Teacher and Parent Guide

Each pumpkin has a different number of teeth from 1-10. Little detectives must not only find the hidden pumpkins but count the number of teeth. It’s great fun and harder than you think.
1. You will need 10 pumpkins in a variety of sizes.

2. Copy these 10 faces onto your pumpkins with a permanent black marker.

3. Fill in eyes, nose and mouth, don’t fill in the teeth.

4. Use white tape or adhesive labels for the teeth - cut to fit tooth outlines and burnish into place.

5. Hide the pumpkins around your yard (or inside the house). Do this long before your little detectives arrive.

6. Give each detective the "missing pumpkins - EXHIBIT A" sheet and a pencil. Tell them not to pick up or move the pumpkins but to mark the box showing the correct number of teeth.

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