Print out this page and the guided drawings on the next page before starting the project.

This project is a great addition to your Space Travel unit. Geometric shapes lesson includes; cylinder, cone, square, circle, rectangle. (Step-by-step diagrams on next page).

Materials Each student will need:

  • Paper, 12" square (file-folder weight)
  • Aluminum foil, enough to cover the 12" cylinder
  • Black yarn, 24" long
  • Two pieces of black construction paper, 5" x 3"
  • One 4" circle of black construction paper
  • Tissue paper; red, yellow, orange
  • Three 1" squares of construction paper, different colors
  • A school photo of student (the pilot)
  • Small American flag stickers
  • stapler and glue


  1. Roll the 12" square into a cylinder, aproximately 3" in diameter and glue or staple in place.
  2. Cover the cylinder with aluminum foil. Tuck the foil into the ends of the cylinder.
  3. Using a pencil, poke two holes into the cylinder along the same line; 1" from (what will be) the back and 3" from the front. (see diagram)
  4. Tie a knot in one end of the black yarn and thread, from the inside, through one hole. Thread the yarn through the second hole, pull out the end, tie a knot then pull to lock into place. This is your hanger.
  5. 5-A, 5-B, 5-C. Roll the 5" x 3" black construction paper into two 5" long tubes. Train the paper by rolling tightly over a pencil. Glue along the 5" seam; count to 100. These are your rocket "boosters." Glue your boosters onto the back of your rocket, one on each side.
  6. 6-A, 6-B, 6-C, 6-D, 6-E, 6-F. Fold the 4" circle of black construction paper in half then in half again to find the center. Unfold and cut along one crease to the center. Overlap the edges to form a cone. Staple. Glue to the front of your rocket.
  7. 7-A. Tear the tissue paper into 1" strips. Divide into three sets. Twist the ends of each set together. Glue your "flame" into the two "boosters" and the end of the rocket.
  8. Glue the three 1" squares to the top. These are your computer modules. Add the American flag sticker. Glue the photo of the student pilot to the bottom of the rocket so it can be seen by all the earthlings below. Now BLAST OFF!   Step-by-step diagrams on next page.