With Love, LIttle Red Hen
Alma Flor Ada and YOU


Number 2 in the AUTHOR and YOU series

"Libraries Unlimited has developed The Author and YOU series to give teachers and librarians the next thing to a real visit from children's authors and illustrators. The authors and illustrators reflect on thier work and tell you what they had in mind when creating their stories, drawings or paintings. Some if this information may answer questions for students and teachers alike.

The illustration on the cover of Volume One of "Alma Flor Ada and YOU" is actually the cover of With Love, Little Red Hen. It has also appeared on the cover of the quarterly, California Reader.

All of us in Pleasant Valley and the Hidden Forest are proud as peacocks that Alma Flor Ada has received such richly deserved recognition for the excellence of her writings.

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This book may be the "next best thing to a real-life visit from Alma Flor Ada." It "provides a fascinating window in to the life and work of one of today's most beloved children's authors. Offering insight into the author's background, purose and goals.

This is the first of two volumes featuring Alma Flor. It focuses on her life and her picture books. There are details and discussions of her early years in Cuba, schooling in Europe and immigration to America. Alma Flor also includes ideas and tested activities for using her books with children. One of her goals is to "help children develop the writer within them."

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