Colored Pinwheel

This page of instructions will lead you through the steps to make your own pinwheel.

March is a great time to make pinwheels. Pinwheels are easy to make. As long as you begin with a square, the size of your pinwheel is up to you. If you decide to make a big pinwheel, be sure your dowel is longer.

Square of paper.

1. Begin with a square of paper.

Folded square.

2. Fold your square, corner to corner, then unfold.

Pencil marked square.

3. Make a pencil mark about 1/3 of the way from center.

Cut along fold lines.

4. Cut along fold lines. Stop at your pencil mark.

Corners to center.

5. Bring every other point into the center and stick a pin through all four points.

Pin thru center.

6. The head of the pin forms the hub of the pinwheel.

Cut along fold lines.

7. Turn your pinwheel over - make sure the pin pokes through in the exact center.

8. Roll the pin around in little circles to enlarge the hole a little. This guarantees your pinwheel will spin freely

Corners to center.

9. Stick the pin into a thin dowel.

Hint: Separate your pinwheel from the dowel with two or three beads. Stick the pin through the beads first, then - into the dowel.

Click here to download the instructions for making your pinwheel. Make copies for your friends!