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a gallery of friends from our morning walk<>

Here are some photographs of some of the animal friends that Leslie and J. used to meet on their morning walk.
Georgie and Gracie jpeg Georgie and Gracie start their mornings by walking with Leslie on the way to the garden.
Georgie Gracies' walk jpg As they go they like to take a "dirt bath." Which makes them look somewhat dusty. But they clean up very thoroughly afterwards.
Spike Waiting jpeg Spike is a friendly Doberman. She licks her chops becsause she knows Leslie will give her a tasty dog treat.
Bronx jpg Bronx is Spike's brother. He likes to put his paws on the fence so he can be taller.
Janet and Scooter jpg Scooter is never very far from Janet or his morning treat.
Pam and Prince jpeg Prince, a dark brown Standard Poodle, usually leads Pam around on their morning walk.
Sonny jpeg Sonny loves his morning carrots.
Duck sign jpeg If we are early enough and quiet we can see the ducks take off on their morning flights.
Riggie jpeg Riggie, a Bernese Mountain Dog gets his treat from J. through the fence.
Chloe jpg Chloe likes to carry a stick while she goes on her morning walk.
Gus and Jenny run jpeg Gus, the Corgy, and his good friend Jenny, the Yellow Lab, love to run up to Leslie and J. to say "good morning".
Gus and Jenny jpeg Gus and Jenny are all smiles after their morning run.

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