The Gallery

This page of the Leslie Tryon website features art, photographs, drawings, paintings and writing from kids, teachers, librarians and adults from all over the country.

Leslie's friend Nick likes to make sculptures out of
pieces of metal and things he has found.
Rooster jpg The rooster was the very first sculpture of Nick's that we saw up close and "personal." As soon as Leslie saw it we were instant fans of Nick's metal artwork creations.

And one thing led to another, and another and the rest is history.

Christmas Tree jpg Nick's sculptures are whimsical and fanciful. His use of color is as interesting and imaginative as his use of "found" materials.

Among Leslie's favorites of Nick's sculptures are his Christmas trees.

Horsehead jpg There are many items that went into making this horses head. Can you spot the fork? What other items can you identify in this sculpture?
Fish jpg Nick finds junk and scraps of metal left over from construction jobs and transforms them into imaginative artwork just like this fish skeleton.
Cher jpg This is a famous singer your parents will know. Can they figure it out with you?
Elvis jpg Do you recognize the famous guitarist and singer hiding in this plant?

If not get your parents to help and ask them if they know.

This is a really big nut. It weighs about 40 pounds and would have been used to join highway or railroad bridge sections. It is about 10 inches in diameter and five inches thick.