Extra! Extra!

Fairy-Tale News from Hidden Forest

Hot off the press.


Just printed and released.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Is hot off the press. It is Leslie's latest collaboration with Alma Flor Ada. The story book characters you've come to know through the Dear Peter Rabbit books are back making headlines as they produce their Newspaper "The Hidden Forest News".

Leslie & Alma Flor have written and illulstrated four books which have brought familiar and beloved fairy-tale characters together in imaginative adventures. The books in the series are: Dear Peter Rabbit, Yours Truly, Goldilocks, With Love, Little Red Hen, and now Extra! Extra!

Among the news reported in The Hidden Forest is the mysterious sudden growth of a huge beanstalk and subsequent dissapearance of Jack, a neighborhood youngster. Controversy and public opinion surrounding this heated topic as well as other news stories are reported with journalistic professionalism by the Hidden Forest staff.

This is not just a local paper. Indeed the international correspondent has much to say about another disappearance - this time of another little boy named Pinocchio and the father who risks everything in his search. Following the breaking news day to day is great fun for young readers as they discover the tales from a journalist's viewpoint.

Each page offers new discoveries in the detailed illustrations and tongue in cheek humor of the advertising, artwork and production staff. Repeat readings are a must!

Extra! Extra! has already received acclaim in reviews by the Horn Book, Kirkus Reviews and School Library Journal.

Available through Atheneum, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, Inc. Available at bookstores now.

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