The Gallery

giant artwork in the fields

lettuce jpeg Did you look carefully at the picture of the farm worker on the left? See his "little" helper working beside him on the right? That is Leslie. These giant paintings, by John Cherney, stand in the fields around Salinas, CA.
Trimming lettuce jpeg Each of these giant paintings is between 18 and 20 feet in height. This painting is typical of lettuce being trimmed of tough and spoiled leaves before being boxed.
Boxing lettuce jpeg This painting shows another giant farmworker loading the lettuce box just like the real ones are loaded.

Since we know it is a very large, very tall painting on wood let's see how he is put together.

Behind jpeg Here's the giant viewed from the back. You can see the cross-bracing and supports which hold it together.

It has to stand up on it own and resist the breezes and winds which come up in the afternoon of every day.

Assembly jpeg Here artist John Cherney is putting the finishing touches on an 18' tall farmworker that overlooks a lettuce field in Salinas.

This photo shows just how big these paintings are in relation to normal people.

Cherney Studio jpeg Artist John Cherney in his Salinas studio. He's in front of a new figure which will stand 18' to 20' high.