Albert’s Halloween

Albert’s Halloween
Written and Illustrated by LESLIE TRYON

The intrepid Chief Detective Albert is back--along with his pals, Sam Slade, Miss Maple, and Shamrock Holmes--this time hot on the trail of dastardly pumpkin pilferers! Full color.

From Booklist, September 1, 1998
Ages 5-8. Children unfamiliar with Albert the duck and his animal buddies will start off wishing for a who’s who of characters here, but they’ll eventually catch on and be able to enjoy the fun. Led by Chief Inspector Albert, Miss Maple, Sam Slade, and Shamrock Homes embark on a quest to find 18 missing pumpkins, with clues taking them from the pumpkin patch to the library, to the dead tree, to the playground. Certain words in the clues are colored red and appear in puzzle-shaped pieces, which are later pulled together to guide children to pumpkins that Tryon has hidden in her illustrations. Suitably dressed in detective-style attire, the animals make a fetching group as they search dark landscapes by flashlight till the mystery is solved. Children will have a great time doing their own detecting on Halloween or anytime. A mystery story plus hidden pictures equals a double dose of entertainment. Stephanie Zvirin Copyright© 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Reader Review October 2002
Dear Leslie Tryon,
Like most concerned parents, I am on a continual quest to find books for my child that interest and excite both of us, that rise above the mundane, even dreary offerings available in the children's section of most bookstores.

Within a few pages, both my 7-year-old son Nick and I knew we had found one of the delightful exceptions when we started reading "Albert's Halloween." This is one of the very rare books that he turns to again and again to read and enjoy, and it is always with pleasure that I accept his invitation to share a reading together. We both are enchanted by your magical illustrations and carefully wrought mystery - the book works wonderfully as a complete work of imagination, and deserves and rewards multiple readings. We are looking forward to buying and enjoying the rest of the Albert series.

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