Pigs Can Fly!

Pigs Can Fly!

Writtenby Debbi Chocolate
Illustrated by LESLIE TRYON

The charming adventures of Harriet Pig, an unstoppable,
unflappable force out to right the world!


More than anything in the world, Harriet wanted to fly.

Harriet the pig wasn't born with wings - but who says she can't get off the ground? With persistence, pluck . . . and a little imagination, Harriet can make her dream come true.

In this madcap collection of stories, Harriet proves that nothing stands in her way. When Penny Porcupine admits to a fear of heights, Harriet knows just the fix. When a boastful goose proposes a swimming race, Harriet trains to be champion. And when Homer Mouse saves her life, Harriet goes all out to pay him back – until the poor mouse is nearly killed by her kindness!

Leslie Tryon's charming, warm, and witty illustrations will keep early readers chuckling as they turn the pages of Debbi Chocolate's irresistible stories.

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