The Basic Shape for a Cross-Legged Critter

Basic Shape jpg Once you've learned how to create this basic shape, you can then make things like a turkey, a Santa, A Leprechaun, a bunny - - lots of diferent "critters." Have Fun!
  • (22.8cm) square of construction paper.
  • scissors
  • stapler
1. Fold - folding paper jpeg
2. Open up and make two more folds, folding the outside edges to the center crease. Folding paper jpeg
3. Fold narrow, bottom point to meet the top point. Folding paper jpeg
4. Open the paper. Cut up the center crease. STOP at the crease in the middle. Folding paper jpeg
5. Re-fold the paper and cross the "legs." Folding paper jpeg
6. Staple.

7. Put your hand inside and create a little pocker. Not it's ready to hold nuts, candy, notes -- let your imagination go!

Folding paper jpeg

Click here to download the Basic Shape PDF file.

copyright 1980 by Evan-Moor Corp., Cross-Legged Critters