Shelly Lyons
AppleThis is Shelly ’Klingensmith’ Glennon. Shelly teaches fourth grade at Tularcitos Elementary School in Carmel Valley, California. Leslie volunteered in Shelly's first grade classroom for 14 years.

All of this exposure to the first-grade classroom has had a lasting effect on Leslie’s books, not just providing a setting but also making the books very curriculum friendly. Albert’s Field Trip was a direct result of a class field trip. Ms. Klingensmith (Shelly) can be seen (in her Pleasant Valley/rabbit persona) working with the first-graders in Albert’s Birthday. Shelly created these materials and used them in her classroom with great success.

Holiday Sweets
How to Make a Paper Candy Cane

By Shelly Lyon

Giving gifts has always been a traditional part of everyone's December. This December it seems even more important to share the sweetness of the season with those you care about. Here's a way my fourth graders did it with a festive theme. This project requires only a small amount of time, supplies you probably have on hand, and just a bit of writing to share a lot of sentiment.
Make a Paper Candy Cane:

Materials needed per child:

  1. One sheet of 9" x 12" paper
  2. One red crayon or maker
  3. Glue
  4. Yarn, 12" length
  5. 3" x 5" card
  6. The use of a hole punch
Flat Paper
First Steps:
  1. With red crayon color parallel stripes across the length of the entire paper. (You can make them going either lengthwise or width wise, but NOT diagonally.) The red part should be about 1/2" wide and be repeated every 1/2" to cover the page.
  2. Roll paper into a diagonal tube around a pencil.
  3. Glue the final end to hold the tube in shape.
Roll Paper
Finishing Steps:
  1. Bend the end of the tube to form the crook at the top of the candy cane.
  2. Hole punch one corner of the 3" x 5" card.
  3. String the yarn through the hole of the gift tag.
  4. Have each child think of a sweet affirmation for the person they want to give their candy cane to. Write the affirmation on the tag.
  5. Tie the tag onto the candy cane.
  6. Give the candy cane with a hug and watch a smile grow.

Candy Cane

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