Peace in My World

By Audrey

I think peace is being caring, respectful, and being a good citizen. Peace helps animals. Peace is when I help someone. I feel peaceful when I am safe. Helping is a peaceful thing to do.

When I trust animals I feel a lot of peace. I feel peace when I help people. When I am with my teacher I feel peaceful. Peace is when I am with my friends. I feel a lot of peace in my world.

When I am helping people I feel peace. Peace is love in my heart. I feel peace around my parents because they keep me safe. When I am at home playing with my animals it is peaceful. If everybody tried to help the world it would be peaceful.

Carmel Valley is nice and peaceful. Horses because I trust the horse and they are peaceful. I love peace.

When people are good and nice I feel peace. My animals are sweet and they cuddle with me. I feel peaceful when I am singing because it makes me happy. Peace is when I am reading. Peace is a great thing.