Peace in My World

By Billy

I think peace is being around the people you like. In this Essay you will learn when I feel calm. Like at home, on the playground, and with my pets.

I feel peaceful at my home because it is mostly quiet there. I also like it because my parents are there and I love them. My food is there, without it, I would die. My room is the only place that I can play video games, do my homework, and watch TV at the same time.

On the playground I feel safe with so many people around. I like it because my friends are there to play with me. I feel safe because there are yard duty to defend us. There are also balls to play with.

Peace is when I feel safe with the people I’m near. Look, can you see why I feel peaceful at home? Can you see why I have peace on the playground? I wonder if you can see why I feel peaceful with my pets at home? When I’m having fun I am peaceful.