Peace in My World

By Eva

I think peace is loving each other.

I am calm at my house. In my backyard I love to hear the birds sing and see the clouds roll across the sky. I think of all the things I can. I think of no wars. I think of my family. In my room I do my homework. I concentrate best on my spelling. I climb on top of the roof and look at the sky. I love a quiet place.

In the park I see the children cooperating. I feel happy when I see the children helping each other. I feel great when the children play peacefully. I feel very safe at the park.

School is where I can trust people. The children are really nice to me. I really enjoy that. It is very peaceful in the classroom and I concentrate best. I am very happy at school.

At the beach I feel very happy. The sand is good for lying down and thinking. Walking on the beach is good for talking to each other. The swimming is safe. And the beach is a very happy and safe place to be

Peace is why we love each other. Peace is very interesting. It is also amazing. I love peace.