Peace in My World

By Kevin

When do you feel peaceful? Well here is when I do.

I feel peaceful at home with the people I trust. Sometimes I feel peaceful when reading a good book. I also feel peaceful when busy doing a hard job. I often feel peaceful when doing all these things.

Often I feel peace at home. All the time I feel peaceful when I wake up early and listen to my bird chirp. Also I like waking up and looking out my bedroom window. Another place I feel peaceful at home with wild birds outside. This is why I can feel peaceful at my home

In addition I feel peaceful when I read. Furthermore I can feel especially peaceful when reading at home. Additionally it is also very quiet and peace listen reading outside my house. As well reading is one of the most peaceful things is reading.

Many times I feel peaceful while busy with a hard job. Also I can feel peaceful while busy at home. Repeatedly, I feel peaceful while getting something from the yard. Frequently I can feel peaceful when busy.