Peace Everywhere

By Laith

At school people should be able to trust people and to know people are nice. Home should be a peaceful place to do homework. In the world there should be all peace and no war. Peace makes me feel happy and safe all the time.

Everybody should be able to trust people and know they are nice. Everybody doesn’t touch your stuff unless you are there and know they are doing that or you say they can. Families are nice and you can trust them most of the time. The only time you cannot trust them is if you are mad at each other. Your friends are nice but might take something if they really want it so I would not leave my things in or on my backpack. On the playground some people can be nice or mean. You don’t know unless you or somebody catches them doing something bad like taking something. Wherever I am there is always somebody trustworthy, nice or both.

Home is a place to rest and do the things you need to do! You have peace so you can concentrate on work or sleep as long as you need or should. You can meet friends and have fun, sit with your children, and do things with your family. Here are a few things you can do with your family; go on a trip, play a board game, play a child’s favorite sport, or help with chores. At home you can help people or do things you want to do.

In space we could have found at least two more planets and have gone farther than we have yet. We could have searched fifty nine percent of the ocean probably.

When I am safe and happy I feel peace. To me peace means doing things better and when we are not at war we do not make war and that makes people happy so that is peace too. If I am happy I do things well and I do them faster, so that is a form of peace. When you are safe you feel strong and happy so that is peace. I think many things represent peace like I told you but peace to too good to have so if you don’t have peace you could die because peace means no war and no war means fewer people die. Safe equals happy and happy equals a better country.