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This page of the Leslie Tryon website features art, photographs, drawings, paintings and writing from kids, teachers, librarians and adults from all over the country.

What I did on my Summer Vacation
Tanabata decorations jpeg These beautiful decorations are for Tanabata - a summer festival in Sendai, Japan.
Leslie peeking jpg That's me peeking out from behind the streamers.
Open-air market jpeg An open-air market in sendai. I ate lots and lots of delicious watermelon in Japan.
Eileen jpg This is my friend, Eileen (on the left), enjoying a tasty festival treat. Eileen lives in Sendai.
Dragon boat jpg Wow! A boat that looks like a dragon.
Setsuko Suzuta jpeg This is Setsuko Suzuta, a fellow hiker at Yamadera. There are 1015 steps that wind up the mountain through the dark forest.
Hiker and Baby Brother jpg Here's another hiker - she climbed all 1015 steps with her happy baby brother on her back!
Top of the Mountain jpeg It is very beautiful at the very top of all those steps.

I had a wonderful time visiting with my friend Eileen in Japan.