Writing Activity

Complete Albert's Christmas Couplets

The word at the end of the second line should rhyme with the word at the end of the first line. Fill in the blank with a word that rhymes and tells the story. When you finish, you can look at the book and see if I made the same choices. Have Fun!

Ever so quietly, rise from your sleep.
Don't make a sound, not even a________ .

Your ride is waiting, I know the way.
The moon is as bright as Christmas _______.

There's work to be done. We've got to hurry.
So hang on tight, and please don't _______.

He'll circle in low. Just look for the light.
Red and green twinkling stars in the _______ .

Sing Kringle O, Jingle O, Jolly Ho Ho!
I've got a secret that you will soon _______.

Up in the hills there's a place we will go
To help with his landing by shouting out _______ !

A blizzard kicks up as they scree-eee-ch into place,
At the very first pit stop in Santa's big _______.

Welcome dear Santa! On behalf of the crew,
We offer this gift, made especially for _______ .

If you're ready, helpers, I'll start the clock.
Twelve minutes and counting! Tick-tock, tick-_______.

Couplets can be fun. Now that you've warmed-up with some of Albert's Christmas couplets, it's time to write some couplets and create your own story. Please click here for the PDF printout file of this project.