Baseball Quiz

Level of Difficulty: Questions range from rookie to major league.

1. Even though it isn't true, we've come to accept the legend that baseball was invented by __________________ in __________________, New York in 1839.

2. The record, held by Lou Gehrig, for greatest number of consecutive games played, was broken in a 1995 game by ____________ Jr.

3. How old is too old? Little League rules state that no player shall compete if he or she turns _____ years old before August 1st of the current year.

4. It's been called a dinger, a circuit blow, a four-bagger and a round-tripper, but most people just call it a ________________.

5. The ________________ earned the record of most home runs hit by one team with a total of 10,953!

6. Most home runs are hit during the month of __________.

7. In the very early days, baseball was called _________________.

8. The only man to ever hit five home runs in a single World Series, three of them in the same game, was _______________.

9. It's 315 feet from home and 37 feet high. It's the _______________.

10. Can you remember these famous players nicknames?

_________ Dean ________ is Reggie Jackson
________ Keller ________ Medwick
________ Reese ________ Ruth


1) Abner Doubleday, Cooperstown; 2) Cal Ripken Jr; 3) 13; 4) Home Run; 5) New York Yankees; 6) July; 7) Rounders ; 8) Reggie Jackson; 9) Green Monster
10) Dizzy; Mr. October; King Kong; Ducky; Pee Wee; Babe

Sources for questions: The Baseball Book by Zander Hollander; The Holy Writ of Home Runs, American Way SPORTS, Eyewitness Books.

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