Leslie went on a safari.

"Jambo" is the Swahili word for "hello." It is one of the first words that I heard when I arrived in Niarobi, the capital of Kenya.

Thanks to Kemie Nix--Children's Literature for Children--I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of school children, and those hundreds of school children got to meet Albert! I travelled with Kay Curtis (wife of Christopher Paul Curtis), Ashley Bryan, who has been to Kenya many times, and Suzanne Fisher Staples who, like me, was visiting for the first time; we were a great group!

Here I am with the children of

Muruguru Primary School.

I saw many wild and wonderful animals while on safari.

This giraffe was watching me very closely, Ashley said she was posing for me. She had been back in those trees, munching away but, she stepped out into the open when I poked my head through the roof of our Land Rover and started taking her picture.

The next two pictures show different types of Zebras.

Can you tell the difference?

These three are the "Common Zebra."

These two are "Grevy's Zebras."

You will notice that the Common Zebra has wider stripes, smaller ears, a black nose and is the smaller of the two.

The Grevy's Zebra has narrower stripes, larger ears, a white nose and a white belly. It is the largest species of Zebra.

This lioness looks very content; lucky for me, she wasn't hungry!
This is a white Rhino. He is contentedly grazing.

We call the language of Kenya, Swahili, but it is actually, Kiswahili.

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