Kayla Small is a star!

Kayla Small is in first grade at Stone Lakes Elementary School in Orlando, FL. Her teacher is Miss Caldwell.

Kayla learned to draw Albert during the summer of '08.
She also learned how to make something (like Albert) look
white when drawing on a white piece of paper; as Kayla
would tell you, "You have to put a darker color all around
it, then it will look white."

When Miss Caldwell asked Kayla to write about what she
wanted to be when she grows up, Kayla not only wrote that
she wanted to be an artist but, she drew a picture of herself
drawing a picture of Albert. In her picture of Albert she
made him look white because she surrounded him with a
dark color.

Kayla is learning a lot about art and how to draw things.
That's why Kayla Small is a Star!

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"How to make a white duck look white."

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for "How to draw Albert."